Why Vilnius


Accessible Central Location

Lying at the crossroads of East and West, being the geographical centre of Europe - Vilnius is never more than three hours away from any European destination by air, with an airport less than 15 minutes away from the city centre. The Railway and Bus Stations are located centrally with a fast and efficient public transport or taxi connection to the main city spots and hotels. The public transport system is both reliable and affordable.


Lithuania is among the ‘fastest growing innovators’ in Europe. Vilnius is internationally recognized as one of the most knowledge-intensive and innovative cities – a city as ambitious as you are. Vilnius and Lithuania in general is proud of record scientific achievements in the ICT, electronics, life sciences, shared services, manufacturing and clean-tech sectors. 


First-Class Meeting Facilities

Vilnius, with its first-class business infrastructure has become an attractive option for international meeting planners and event organisers. A refreshingly diverse choice of hotels, modern and the most up-to-date conference halls as well as non-traditional venues, including centuries-old mansions, castle halls, rebuilt royal palaces, modern glass towers, big arenas and large open-air squares are ready to accommodate needs of any meeting or event. Meeting planners will find the latest multimedia technologies and lots of free high-speed Wi-Fi access points in many hotels, venues and other public areas of the city.

Fast & Open

Whether it’s launching a business, organising an event, getting online or meeting up. Being the world’s best-connected city, Vilnius offers free WiFi hotspots in hotels, venues and public spaces. Fast and readily available Internet is pretty much standard for us in Vilnius, but we're still happy to surprise others with our connectivity: 84.7% of Lithuania can connect to 4G, making us the third most 4G-ready country in the world...and Number 1 in Europe! 


Vilnius charms with its labyrinthine, UNESCO renowned Old Town, sleek business district, an elegant city centre with many open squares and parks, as well as historic suburbs. It is a compact, pedestrian friendly city where major meeting facilities, hotels, cozy restaurants and important city sights are all within easy reach.




Safe, Peaceful & Green

Lithuania is one of the safest countries in the world. According to the Global Peace Index, it is safer than the USA, the UK and France. There is less than 3 % risk of being harmed by an earthquake, storm, flood or drought here. Vilnius is rated as the safest capital in the Baltic States with relatively low levels of noise. Nearly half of Vilnius is green space - about 3 times more than Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw. Drinking water is among the cleanest in Europe and Vilnius can boast of the cleanest air of all major EU cities.


An Open History Book

Vilnius is like an open book, leaving vivid illustrations of the history of European styles – from the Gothic to the Empiric. The Old Town of Vilnius is among the largest in Eastern and Central Europe, included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Heavy stone streets, letters of tiles, stained glass illustration, massive metal gates – the title pages. It is really hard to put the book aside… maybe because the history of Vilnius is still living.


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