Vilnius has plenty of brochures that guide you through our capital in their own way. Flip through the selection below and find your brochure.


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Meet in Vilnius. Meeting Planner's Guide

Compiled for professional meeting organisers and event planners, the guide is a must-have resource for anyone considering planning a meeting in Vilnius.  


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Very Vilnius. Top-Notch Experiences

A comprehensive tool for corporate event planners filled with an array of exciting activity ideas that can be done in and around Vilnius.


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Appetising Vilnius: Culinary Guide

The guide helps to discover places in Vilnius where one can eat like a Duke in              the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a member of a Jewish merchant family, a modern            gourmand, someone living in the Soviet era, a descendant of the Karaites, and so          much more.




Vilnius. Events 2020

The brochure-calendar invites you to fulfill your time in 2020 with cultural events.  





Vilnius City Map

The Vilnius City map shows the Old Town on one side and the central part on the other. It includes short list of main sights and map legend in english.






Vilnius in 3 days

Download and print the proposal for your time in Vilnius.


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Vilnius O'Clock

This magazine tells the story of contemporary Vilnius through the eyes of its residents. It’s made up of 18 feature interviews with residents ranging from entrepreneurs and artists, to journalists and public figures. 



Venue finder

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