A new National Concert Hall will be opened in Vilnius


In 2023, a new state-of-the-art National Concert Hall will be opened in the place of the former Trade Union Palace on Taurus Hill in Vilnius.


Architectural design competition winner is „Arquivio architects“. The offered National Concert Hall concept naturally fits the unique environment. The architects offer several separate buildings, which would be connected with "a green corridor". 


An international architectural design competition received more than 248 architectural ideas from all over the world. Ideas came from the USA, South Africa, China, India, Spain, Libya, Ukraine and other countries. This is the first contest in the Baltic region organised with the International Union of Architects. 


The hall will be up to par with the top concert halls around the world and will feature two concert spaces: a grand hall with up to 1,700 seats and a smaller hall with 500 seats. The grand hall will be a place for orchestra, choir, organ and theatre performances, as well as classical music and jazz concerts. The 500-seat small concert hall will serve as an orchestra rehearsal space and will also host a variety of concerts, performances, and other events. In addition, the building will provide space for education: changing expositions, meetings, creative workshops, other informational cognitive activities related to the idea of ​​the nation's home and the revival of Lithuania's history.


The construction of the National Concert Hall, which is slated to take several years, will start in 2021.

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