COVID-19 Information


The Lithuanian government has announced a two-week nationwide quarantine, to come into effect on Monday, 16 March, to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus in the country. The measures include closing borders to foreign nationals and shops except pharmacies and groceries.


Important to know


  • Foreign nationals are not allowed to enter the country 16 to 13 April.


  • As of 16th March all indoor public spaces, including the city‘s museums, theatres, cinemas, sports clubs, night clubs, schools and universities will be closed. until 13 April. SPA centres, beauty salons, shops (except food stores) and shopping centres will also be closed.


  • All public events including conferences and other performances are cancelled.


  • Restaurants and bars will be closed from except for food deliveries. Food supermarkets, markets and pharmacies will continue operating.


  • Public transport runs as usual but there is no possibility to buy a ticket on a bus. We suggest downloading the Trafi App and using online tickets. Night buses are cancelled.


COVID-19 Hotline in Lithuania: 1808


More information at govilnius.lt



Latest news by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Lithuanian Ministry of Health.

More information about coronavirus is available on WHO webpage.



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