Vilnius Welcomed 24th ICIST Conference


This 4-6 October, the 24th International Conference on Information and Software Technologies (ICIST) was held in Vilnius. Organised by the Kaunas University of Technology’s Faculty of Informatics, the conference gathered researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners from academia and the private sector representing all major areas and interdisciplinary areas of Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Software Engineering and Information Technology Applications.


The focus of this year's conference was on informatics engineering, and included the presentation of relevant topics in the field of informatics, as well as practical training on the topic of smart universities. Moreover, the promotion and development of interdisciplinary research was a conference priority, with particular emphasis put on combining social and IT needs in the context of an information and knowledge-based society.


As illustrated by this year’s and previous editions of ICIST, the KTU-organised science event is a valuable platform that encourages European and global scientists to collaborate with Lithuanian scientists, while developing opportunities for joint science projects. Some 100 professionals took part in this year’s conference, which was held at the Vilnius Grand Resort, the hotel located just outside of Lithuania’s capital.


The success of this year’s event led organisers to keep the conference in Vilnius for next year; the conference will be held on 10-13 October, 2019



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